Frankie is an inventor who seems to be able to make the simplest invention into a deadly weapon and unfortunately his brother “Henry” seems to find himself always acting as the guinea pig. Frankie’s latest invention “The Hoover Shoes” caused havoc at the local inventors challenge showcase and much distress to the judges! But maybe their luck is about to change.


Frankie and Henry have just inherited a large farm in rural Ireland from their late Uncle Larry. They have never met Larry nor have they ever been outside of London in their lives but they decide it is fate and pack their bags for a new start. They make an immediate impact on their new local village as their old beat up pickup makes it way up the main street blowing out black clouds off smoke while Frankie hangs out of the passenger window waving like an excited child. Frankie and Henry can’t believe their luck when they arrive at the large farm. The adjoining fields are filled with lush vegetables as far as the eye can see. They decide that they will try to sell their produce to the local shop while they wait for Frankie’s inventions to bring in the real money, and going by Frankie’s track record that could take some time! They strike up a deal with a local shopkeeper Mr Strong to sell their produce much to the annoyance of his other suppliers, Father Long and the Reverend Wilson. They might be men of the cloth but they don’t take kindly to anyone who tries to move in on their patch, or vegetable patch as the case may be. In the past they have been known to resort to sabotage, all in the best possible taste of course.


Frankie’s vegetables prove to be a hit, much to Mr. Strong’s delight. He sees nothing strange in the local behavior as they scramble for their next fix of the new vegetables. He also finds nothing strange in the fact that the locals are paying up to 300 Euro for a head of Broccoli. Uncle Larry wasn’t all he cracked up to be, in fact he was Ireland's largest drug harvester and had invented a drug that was more addictive than Cocaine. It was sown into the soil and absorbed by the vegetables and shipped out around the world, completely undetected! Now the locals descend on the farm itself for their next fix. Father Long and the Reverend Wilson are about to carry out their attack on the crop with a rancid concoction when the locals start to pile into the field. They are forced to seek refuge at the house where they explain to Frankie and Henry what has happened. The locals quickly make their way through the crop and descend on the house seeking more Veg.


The party is held up in the attic where they discover Uncle Larry’s secret. They have to escape, they need a plan. They find Uncle Larry‘s notes on his super drug and Frankie comes up with a solution, the drug reacts to calcium and the rancid concoction Father Long and the Reverend Wilson cultivated contains sour milk. The team manage to lure the Veg crazed mob into the large barn with the promise of more vegetables and they use plant sprayers to dose the mob in the vulgar concoction. The effects are immediate and the crowd return to normal but then the smell hits them and they start to throw up.Frankie, Henry, Lucy and the team watch on as the villagers cover the barn floor, they are soaked in the strong pungent smell also but they are happy to have saved the village. All except for Mr Strong who sees the money signs go up in smoke.


Frankie and Lucy embrace and Frankie knows he has found his new home. And that he should stick to what he does best….. Inventing!



Director: Dafydd Palfrey

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