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Neville  Steenson

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What themes are most important to this story?

For me when writing I was always conscious about the nanny society we have now found ourselves in, where this has to be organic, or that has to be natural. I took that idea but kept the theme strong around the obsession that everything has to be organic and obviously over exaggerated the situation. The other main theme was playing first of all to stereotypes and then completely ripping them up as the story evolves while keeping that whole waterline throughout the story of a comic book feel.

What makes this story unique compared to other movies with the same themes?

I find with Super Organic and the difference with say other films dealing with the whole organic/ natural themes is that I set out to write something fun. It never takes itself too seriously and is most certainly not afraid to have fun or wink to the audience. Most films dealing with the subject are very serious and that for me never really came into the writing of this screenplay. When you have a fish out of water story with the two crazy characters of Frankie and Henry along with an Irish Village full of truly unique characters the fun sets itself up and that is why the audience will embrace the uniqueness of Super Organic.

Why base the story in Ireland?

I grew up in a small Northern Irish town and every day I came across characters, obviously not as extreme as the ones in Super Organic but not a million miles away either. I just took what I knew and elaborated on it. Another main reason for the story being set in Ireland is with the boom in Irish/ Northern Irish cinema and the Island as a whole attracting so many high quality film and television projects. The incentives are there and in place to utilise the picturesque countryside, the vibrant little villages and the wealth of talent Ireland North and South has to offer.

Where did the story and idea evolve from?

Being a comic book fan myself I just wanted to place these characters into a totally outlandish situation. So when I decided to move them from London to rural Ireland after they inherit a large farm, the world of the story opened up so much. They common misconceptions of stereotypes from both sides gave it such a rich backdrop. Then I wanted a crazy situation and that is when I can upon the idea of what if they accidentally turned an entire village of people into Vegetable addicts by mistake as they didn’t realise the crop on their new farm was an experimental drug that had swept through the illegal drugs trade.

Where did the characters come from?

Growing up in a small town in Northern Ireland was a huge influence on this project. I was shooting a short film in London from a script I had written. The two lead characters Frankie and Henry just seemed to have so much more of a larger story arc in them. It got me thinking that these two hapless loveable guys struggle with everyday situations so what would happen if they truly did find themselves in a major situation that they had in-fact created, and then would they be able to step up to the task. Then when you throw in the fact that being so unlucky that these two guys are inventors which involve testing products often with a high electricity content will lead to nothing but disaster.

What was your target audience while writing the Screenplay?

Slapstick Comedy and Black Comedy has always appealed to me and with the television show Father Ted and the film In Bruges I was always seeing it going in that direction where it has enough one liners mixed with slapstick comedic elements to compliment the overall story arc. Meaning that this project would appeal not only to a college audience as it would to a more mature audience, I feel there is plenty in there for everyone.

Neville Steenson Neville has been in the industry for over ten years and is known for his work in horror and has had a number of Features optioned. After being forced to give up his career as a Joiner due to a work accident, Neville turned his attentions full- time to Writing and has never looked back.


He stepped behind the camera to direct a short film "Reclaimed" which he wrote and then filmed. It went down very well and was selected as one of the opening films for the New York Horror Film Festival in 2008. It was met with much acclaim and went on to be screened all over Europe on Sky Television.


At the same festival, a Feature Length script Neville wrote entitled "Holding Cell 284" was nominated for best original Screenplay, the first time a Northern Irish Filmmaker has been nominated for two separate awards in the Festivals history. Neville has two Features in Development a Drama "Grow" which he was hired to write as a follow up Feature for a British Company who had great success with their film "Terry" that was released by Lionsgate Films.


The other project is a Horror entitled "Death Coach" which has been picked up by a multi award winning Producer and is steaming towards Production. Recently Neville worked with Eileen Dietz (The Exorcist) who flew out from LA to star in a short he wrote in England on the strength of the Script and Character. The Film is entitled "Youth of Today" and will be on the Horror Film Festival circuit later this year.


Neville is well known in the British and Irish Film Industry and has had his work requested by a number of large Production Companies and Producers such as: Edward Saxon (Silence of the Lambs) Hammer Horror (Woman in Black) AV Pictures (Dog Soldiers) BBC Films (In the Loop) Handmade Films (Withnail and I)


Being a long time fan of the Children's Writer Roald Dahl and his love of reading his two young children their bed time stories Neville decided to write a children's book about an amazing Frog-Dog named Beedy Baddy. The book was a big departure for Neville but one he found extremely rewarding and fun. Neville's passion and drive are clear to anyone who has worked with him. His attention to quality is evident in every project he undertakes.