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Super Organic - main characters

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Frankie is a struggling Inventor who sees his moving to Ireland is just what is needed to kick start his creativity after years of rejection. He loves his new surroundings and has his own romantic view of Ireland which does not quite mirror reality. When things go wrong and he infects the entire village with his Veggie drug, Frankie shows what he can do and takes on the role of hero. After years of rejection Frankie feels the responsibility of others rests on him and he rises above all his past short comings and saves his group and his new found village.


Henry has spent his life idolising his older brother Frankie and would follow him to the end of the earth if Frankie suggested it. A comic book fanatic Henry always has his head buried in the latest crazy issue, unless he is partaking the role of guinea pig for one of Frankie’s new crazy inventions. When the chips are down however this is when Henry comes into his own and applies what comic books have taught him and helps Frankie save the day. Often underestimated Henry proves to be a worthy hero in his own right.


A man of the Cloth who would think nothing of reverting to sabotage to stop this competitors getting the upper hand. He and the Rev Wilson supply the local shop with vegetables and when their operation is put under threat by Frankie and Henry they come up with a plan to stop them in their tracks. Father Long believes he is always right and is acting in the communities best interests. However he discovers that not all his actions are that well conceived and he must team up with the brothers which is very hard for his pride to accept giving that he views them as the enemy.


The Reverend Wilson is on a level power with Father Long and are ruthless together when it comes to making a few pounds. Seeing himself doing God’s work Reverend Wilson never questions his nor Father Long’s actions and thinks nothing of sabotage also. A little more jovial than Father Long the Reverend Wilson comes across as a gentle giant but has a wicked streak in him and his pride is wounded when he has to team up with the brothers to save the village.


Mr Strong is a man with a hunger for money and little morals as to how he makes it, but he has the gift of charm. When he sees the opportunity that the two brothers bring his way he decides to do what he does best, take advantage. This proves unpopular with Father Long and Reverend Wilson but Mr Strong sees it that he holds all the cards and can really make some money from his venture. He lives the high life until the produce runs out and given the moral dilemma of saving the village or making money Mr Strong can be found standing with a calculator in his hand, he does not want the good times to end.


Frida is a pensioner with very little time for fools and is very vocal in how she views her fellow villagers. Never afraid to throw out an insult like you would throw a wrapper in a bin and could not care less what the perception is from her neighbours. With a tongue like a dagger she has taken full grown men to their knees with one of her cutting retorts. So when she becomes victim to the Veggie drug she has reason to exercise her whiplash tongue and becomes positively toxic.