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ED (a/k/a "The Englishman")

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Struggling Albion United's over-optimistic Press Officer and self-styled "No.1 Fan". In spite of his club's dreadful fortunes, Ed believes good times are just around the corner. He doesn't invest such blind enthusiasm for the England national team, however - his boundless energy is purely channelled into Albion's losing cause. It's already cost him his marriage, and distanced him from his son. 

KEL (a/k/a "The Irishman")

Albion United's playboy star striker, who is just one goal away from breaking the club's all time goalscoring record. Arrogant, petulant and maddeningly handsome - he is the epitome of the modern-day spoilt footballer. Beneath the veneer lies a sensitive and tortured soul, however: an insecure child who was bullied mercilessly at school for having a womanising English soldier as a father, during the height of Ireland's "Troubles".

DUNC (a/k/a "The Scotsman")

Albion United's introverted and pessimistic Accountant. Lives in the shadow of his late father - Albion legend and all time record goalscorer Jimmy Galbraith. Following Jimmy's injury-enforced early retirement and subsequent alcoholic decline, studious Dunc determined to carve out a more sober and sustainable career for himself. 


Ed's precocious early-teenaged son. A promising footballer in his own right, Jamie has recently disappointed his father by switching allegiance from lowly Albion to high-flying Chelsea. Rubbing salt in the wound, his smug new stepfather has even secured him a trial at Chelsea too!


Early-20s American heiress to a considerable construction fortune. A wild-child teetering on the verge of outright train-wreckery, she is committed to living her life to the absolute fullest before she hits 25 and assumes executive control of her father's bequeathed business.


Youngest sibling of a British business dynasty, Della is the Owner of struggling Albion United. Despite being a former UK Businesswoman of The Year, her achievements pale in comparison to her brother Lachlan - probably because she conducts her interests with a relative degree of integrity. Passionate, committed and proud she's not about to jump the sinking Albion ship.


Elder sibling of Della, he is an elite venture capitalist - now based in Monaco. Extremely well-connected and utterly ruthless, he has an impressive portfolio of large-scale projects but is far from satisfied. Dream investment: would love to 're-develop and expand' the Pyramids of Giza into an up-scale business convention centre, but the meddling conservationists and miserable archaeologists won't stand for it.