We successfully raised the funds to make the film via kickstarter.  


It was quite a ride for 30 days but It would not have been possible without  your generosity and support.


THANK YOU from all the RTA team!



To see the full list of RTA backers, please click HERE.


The casting call has been a great success: 909 applicants in total.  We are currently reviewing all applications.


Casting is planned for end of October/beginning of November, 2013 and shooting in January 2014.


Shoot location will be in London area, for 2 days.


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We auditioned 6 terrific actresses for the lead role of Becki in REPLY TO ALL short.


6 great takes + some fabulous improvs to boot. A tough call...


and Tracey Pickup is Becki, our bride to be! Congratulations!

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The shooting location is the beautiful Richmond Hill Hotel on the edge of Richmond Park. This is the location we will be using for the actual Reply To All short film shoot, and the one Nick had in mind when he wrote the script.


It is also very popular with weddings, so Nick felt it had the right vibe for our wedding-based film. For those that don't know, the hotel overlooks a stunning vista across The Thames towards Twickenham. It was made famous by a landscape painted by JMW Turner - so much so, that the view is the only one in the UK to be protected by an Act of Parliament. 

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We are happy to announced that Ingrid Evans and Gareth Richardson joined our team and will be the voices of our animated characters.


Welcome on board!