Screenwriter:  Anthony Ford

Genre:  Thriller


Eight passengers are on the last train to Margate. It’s Christmas eve and the southeast of England is snowbound. The train however detours and runs to a stop at an abandoned station in the heart of the Kent countryside. The driver is missing, they are miles from anywhere and the snowstorm increasing. When two of the passengers, who inspect the signal-box disappear, the others begin to worry and as they try and pull resources, one by one, they are picked off and mutilated. Now they uncover that all but one Joanna Byrne, a soldier, have answered an invitation for different reasons and something from the past is coming back to stalk them. However, as Joanna is unknown to them all and the unexpected guest, she is the one factor the calculated killer hadn’t figured on. With her help, can the survivors end this nightmare or will they too become victims of their past in this frozen tomb in the dead of night?

in development

Super Organic

Screenwriter:  Neville Steenson

Genre:  Comedy


Super Organic tells the story of luckless inventor Frankie and his long suffering brother Henry. Frankie’s inventions have always spelled disaster but after inheriting a farm in rural Ireland Frankie sees this as a new start. However Frankie’s bad luck follows him from London as he accidentally turns an entire Irish villages residents into a crowd of vegetable addicted crazies.

in development

Anyone but England

Screenwriter:  Nick Boocock

Genre:  Comedy


Debt-ridden Albion United is on the verge of extinction, their historic turf about to re-purposed as an urban golf course. Lifelong fan Ed (The Englishman) enlists Albion’s star striker (The Irishman) and Accountant (The Scotsman) to help him save their team. Their mission: go to The World Cup to find a billionaire investor. Their deadline: just two weeks. Can they overcome personality clashes, national rivalries and even the mafia to return their beloved Albion to former glories?

Screenwriter:  Andy Poulastides

Genre:  Historical drama


In summer of 1940, before the skies of England were abuzz with the Battle of Britain, the single most decisive and divisive action of the war took place in a small harbor off the coast of North Africa, the Royal Navy attacked and destroyed the French Fleet as it lay at its moorings.  2 weeks before the French and British had been allies in the war against Germany.

Only through the understanding and friendship of Captain Holland of the Royal Navy, and Lieutenant Dufay of the Marine Nationale that disaster might have been averted. But events rapidly overtake them, and in the misunderstandings and misjudgments, the increasingly frenzied efforts of the protagonists to avoid disaster and the dreadful inevitability of the end, It was a ‘Greek Tragedy’ killing many French sailors; there was no Glory in this action.

To the French the action was murderous aggression; to the sailors who carried it out seemed incomprehensible folly; to the British government in London it was a grim but unavoidable necessity which galvanized support from the US for Churchill to continue the war, alone if need be.

Catapult: War of the Unknown Warriors

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

in development

in development

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