Eight passengers are on the last train to Margate. It’s Christmas Eve and the Southeast of England is caught amidst the worst storm in a century. En route the train is taken over by a deranged killer, Rupert Riley, who deposes of the train driver and guard, separates the train, pulls away and stops alongside an abandoned station. Miles from the nearest town and the thunderstorm increasing, the passengers seek refuge in the derelict Station.


As they search the area one of them disappears and they soon discover that all but one, Joanna Byrne, a soldier have been lured under false pretense and someone from their past has come back to stalk them. One by one, they are now picked off and killed and messages are written on a wooden placard hung from the neck of every corpse. The train driver and guard Rupert left on the rail tracks now come to and alert the authorities..


Joanna and Father Stephen, an elderly Priest, are the last of the survivors along with another passenger Chris, who is held hostage and being tortured. Joanna seeks to break into his lair but Rupert now in an armed response unit guise, outwits them and shoots Father Stephen with a tranquilizer dart. He returns to the lair as Joanna bursts in and they clash in a violent tangle where Rupert's handgun falls out. He snatches up the tranquilizer pistol and shoots her with a cyanide laced dart. He then drags Chris's dead body to the train to gather for a macabre Christmas party where every corpse is dressed as a Christmas character.


Father Stephen is needed to absolve Rupert of his crimes but Joanna dazed and groggy sits up - she isn’t dead. She pulls a wooden placard from inside her shirt with the dart still stuck in the wood. She picks up Rupert's fallen gun and cocks it. Joanna sneaks into the carriage and Rupert in a fury, wields high his hunting knife. She shoots him three times and he falls to the floor and lies still. Joanna and Father Stephen exit as armed response officers surround the train. They approach the table where the bodies sit slumped and a bullet proof vest lies with three bullet holes. As Joanna and Father Stephen are driven away, a door in the basement is opened and a photograph of a priest is torn from a crucifix on the wall... 



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