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End Line -Meet the screenwriter 

Anthony Ford

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Three years ago at Christmas time, passengers where abandoned on a train and stranded at a small train station in the English countryside. The driver left them in a snowstorm to make his own way home and it took the authorities hours to reach them. I was also moonlighting at this time working security in a residential building. In the late evening I would write in the large stairwell where the biting wind howled through the windows and under the door. As the temperature plummeted, I watched the evening trains rattle along the nearby railway track, disappearing into the blizzard and driving rain…

Where did the story and idea evolve from?

The protagonist is female who saves the day. She is a soldier and her accomplice is a Priest. And being a small, gorgeous girl pitted against an enormous psychopathic brute, it would therefore be an interesting take on David and Goliath. Also, as the events of the night unfold and the story unravels, the audience are also in the dark as to who is stalking the unfortunate passengers and why.  Christmas usually has comedies and up-beat tales to reflect the festivities; such a thriller would stand out from the rest and be the one different movie to see.

What makes this story unique compared to other movies with the same themes?

The revenge element of the villain came from someone I knew who blamed his current circumstances on others from High school and proceeded to contact three of them through a social network website. The result of which wasn’t as terrible but some people never forgive or forget. All the other characters I tried to make as different from each other as possible - a random selection with no obvious rhyme or reason as to why they are singled out and thrown into a bizarre situation. Who would then be the heroes or cowards? Which of them would show the spirit of survival, if any?

Where did the characters come from?

An audience who appreciates an edgy thriller: Silence of the lambs/Seven, and the kind of viewers who like a guessing game. Also an audience who like some action scenes and a sinister plot to unravel: Die hard/ Unknown.

What was your target audience while writing the Screenplay?

Anthony is a writer/actor and has worked on stage in the U.K's Royal National Theatre alongside Sir Ian McKellen. This was a Trevor Nunn production of Ibsen's 'An enemy of the People' and is proving invaluable to the pursuit of his writing career. He is also an avid reader of novels and non-fiction historical books. He attained his degree in 1995, in Film & Media studies. This was from the Surrey Institute of Art & Design, Farnham.


The first screenplay he wrote was based on the life of his Great Uncle, Private James Stokes, who was awarded a posthumous Victoria Cross in the Second World War. He gave a short interview on the History Channel and was a runner-up in their competition. The story also features in their book: ‘The family History project’, under the title: ‘An unlikely hero’. This story was also published in the inaugural journal of the Victoria Cross society magazine under the title: 'The Greatest Stand Firm at the Height of the Storm'. All of which has helped in the construction of the James Stokes V.C. rose garden memorial.


The second screenplay he wrote was entitled: 'Buccaneers of Brig O'Doon', an action/adventure tale, of which, he has written a novelization which is available on the websites of Amazon, Waterstones, WH Smiths and Foyles.He have recently completed his latest novel and screenplay - 'Delaney's World', a Sci/Fi war adventure.

Revenge, an eye for an eye, forgiveness, karma, social disintegration, stagnation, isolation.

What themes are most important to this story?

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