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Joanna signed up with the royal signals, completed two tours of Afghanistan and now stationed in Cyprus. She has arrived back on home soil securing passage as a ‘Space A’ boarder on the last military plane to leave for the U.K. on Christmas eve. Suffering from fatigue and grieving over the loss of her Army buddy she arrives home and to ultimately decide her fate in the forces. By a quirk of fate she boards the Margate bound train and stumbles headlong into the revenge plans of a deranged Psychopath.


Father Stephen is the Parish Priest for North Harrow High Parish church. Known as a church moderniser and forward thinker he is well respected in the Diocese and local community. Originally from Hastings in Kent he was one of the school teachers at Westerfield Catholic college over twenty years ago. This Christmas eve he is attending a business meeting in the town of Westerfield outside Margate and expects to receive documents pertaining to an investment proposal of £500,000 for a new Church venture.


He is a psychopath - intelligent and very dangerous. Recently released from a high security psychiatric hospital where he was serving a life sentence for murder. Having completed ten years he has recently been paroled early on good behavior and plans his revenge. He has invested and extortionate amount of time, money and effort into tonight’s extravaganza. All of the potential victims who forced him to this end have been lured under false pretences and using the pull of money has set the trap to ensnare every one of them at the same time in the same place. He will pay them back on an individual basis, tailored to their particular flaws then erase any trace of the rationale or reason then disappear himself from public life – all of which only a genius could fathom.


Anne is rather domineering, precise and rich. Her red hair is always styled and perfumed with red lips and perfect make-up. Both herself and her husband Eric have received a cash offer of £350,000 for their council house in Westerfield. In need of immediate repair and refurbishment the offer is generous to say the least. The offer is available only tonight on Christmas eve, an offer which is irresistible to both and forcing them to venture out on the snow storm to close the deal. The only possible way to guarantee being there, is by taking the Margate train.


The husband of Anne, a London money man – a dapper gent. Anne and Eric live at the moment, in a townhouse in Barons court, central London but Eric believes this offer of £350,000 will set them for life. The quicker the deal is done, documents signed off and cash transferred the quicker the townhouse can be paid in full and the dream of owning the Alicante villa in southern Spain is one step closer.


Larry  is a middle-manager in an electrical engineering company. He is a sports fanatic and pub quiz expert. Larry has been offered an exclusive contract for his business, a contract which would set up innumerable other business interests over the next few years. The return is in the hundreds of thousands and in time of recession recovery, invaluable. The contract has to be signed this evening. To meet the deadline and enjoy the festivities on the way, he takes the Margate train. The delay has him on edge as he takes another drink.


Ed is an intellectual and Socialist-Worker subscriber. He attends Political rallies and marches and is a student in the third year of his Economics and Empirical research degree. He has been offered employment with his father’s firm. His father recently having passed away, he sees this opportunity to step into his shoes and prove the old man wrong. His mother having died years ago he had never seen eye to eye with his father for years on anything and clashing on everything from politics to the pill. Now was the chance to prove himself and walk the walk having talked the talk. If he can sign the offer of employment documents tonight and get back early enough he can still attend the Christmas ball and the celebrations promised.



Gerry Is a part-time handsome Postman. He is a romantic, dashing philanderer – a lover of woman, many. Fickle and frivolous, he is promised to no one. He lives in a studio flat in west London. Parties hard and dabbles in drink and drugs. Having received a letter from a long ago ex-girlfriend, Anabelle, Gerry was surprised remembering how it had finished and his part in the grand finale. Having been caught in bed with her best friend, ordered outside amongst ducking curses and empty beer bottles, glasses and anything which came to hand, he had never heard from her again, until now. The letter was written by her mother, Anabelle having suddenly passed away from pancreatic cancer had somehow remembered him in her last dying moments. She had forgiven him and arranged for him to collect £10,000 this Christmas eve. Not missing the opportunity he had booked a ticket immediately and two days later found himself onboard the Margate train en rendezvous to collect. Christmas was coming, early.


Chris was the High School's favourite as the pupil most likely to succeed. A sports car and racing bike enthusiast - an adrenalin junkie. Offered a sudden contract to join a team set to climb the Eiger, Chris couldn’t wait. The wage was astronomical with exposure in every climbing magazine on the shelf, never mind the media coverage which would follow. He didn’t hesitate to say yes to the interview tonight, Christmas eve. This chance he wouldn’t pass up. But Westerfield? a name from the past, funny how life comes and goes in cycles. Anyway he hadn’t seen any of the gang he ran with, way back when and hadn’t ever been back to Westerfield in years. If he could meet the organiser, convince him the man he wants is him, sign on the dotted line and split early, he may even stalk some of the old hunting ground, may even bump into one or two of the old ‘West Crew’ if the sad bastards are still sitting in the same pub at the same table with the same faces.

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